Welcome to the home of our Greene County Republican Central Committee. The Central Committee is the governing body of the Greene County Republican Party. With the mission of educating, promoting, and electing Republicans in Greene County, we don’t have an easy task. Our task is meaningful, and every member of our Committee makes a difference. Greene County is home to Springfield, the third-largest city in Missouri. Springfield is also the base of our operations. Greene County also includes the cities of Ash Grove, Battlefield, Fair Grove, Republic, Rogersville, Strafford, Walnut Grove, and Willard. This is our official home of the Greene County Republican Central Committee, below you will find resources that will be helpful to Committee members and the public. Thanks to our T.A.R.G.E.T. Board of Directors and members, the Greene County Republican Central Committee is able to operate a year-round office. Feel free to contact us with questions, or if you need a resource that isn’t listed.